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The Ascent Steam Key GLOBAL
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Action Aventure
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Description du produit

The Ascent Steam Key

Delivered to you by developers from Neon Giant and publishers from Curve Digital, this solo and co-op action RPG shooter has readied the world for your grand adventure. Set in the cyberpunk world of dystopian future, The Ascent Steam key presents an unmatched narrative that sets the distinction between the omnipresent corporational control over all that is human, including you, and the capability to yearn for freedom, and above all, fight for it. If you are a fan of such games as Cyberpunk 2077, then The Ascent key is one of the top recommendations you can get.

What are The Ascent gameplay features?

The Ascent Steam key is abundant with innovative gameplay features that introduce a dynamic gaming experience to the player along with an engaging narrative to participate in.

• Dynamic combat system. In The Ascent game, you can take a tactical or hectic approach to combat since players are presented with a myriad of different futuristic weapons, each offering a different type of offence and defence;

• RPG elements. You can customize your character to your individual liking, make use of augmentations as you level up and more features that define the RPG genre;

• Vast game world. The world of The Ascent takes players into a beautiful neon world harbouring many dark secrets. Streets open for your explorations, loot to claim, NPCs to interact with and many more;

• Solo / co-op. Players can participate in a frenzied co-op match or enjoy a solo journey in single-player mode;

• Cheap The Ascent price.

The price of freedom

The government and megacorporations are controlling everything that is human, from massive decisions regarding the well-being of society to outrageous monitoring of every individual’s private life. Buy the Ascent key to enter the dystopian reality in a metropolis stretching into the galaxy, housing all sorts of extraterrestrial creatures. The Ascent Group is suddenly shut down and that sets the beginning of all the troubles that you must tackle. The corporate rules all and achieving freedom may not be as easy as it may seem, and the yearning for liberation may cost too much. And yet, with all the weapons of the future in your arsenal and the desire for a better tomorrow, there is nothing that can stand in the way. Buy The Ascent Steam key and achieve greatness in a world that wants to swallow you whole!

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